Crew participates in investigation surrounding destruction of USS Resolution

Crew participates in investigation surrounding destruction of USS Resolution

RISA – The crew of the former USS Resolution (NCC-78145) participated in a series of interviews that sought to determine the cause of the science vessel’s destruction.

The inquiry, directed by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, centred on the role Lieutenant Vitor Silveira’s activities played in the ship’s dying moments.

Silveira, a tactical officer on the Resolution, attacked an undercover Starfleet Intelligence officer who was attempting to deactivate an energised Genesis Device and beamed onboard the ship. Silveira stated that he did not know the officer’s identity before the attack and that it was only after the event that he learnt of the officer’s involvement with Starfleet Intelligence.

Many of the ship’s top officers were interviewed by the investigators. Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea, who was acting CO at the time, was of particular significance since he was with Silveira during the attack.

Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, the Resolution’s Commanding Officer, and Executive Officer Commander Addison MacKenzie were also interrogated. Nicholotti and MacKenzie were not on board when the ship was destroyed.

Following the completion of the inquiry, Lieutenant Commander Debi T’Kard, a representative from Starfleet Internal Affairs, commented on the investigation and its results.

“After a catastrophe of this size, it is critical to determine, to the greatest degree possible, the sequence of events,” T’Kard remarked. “After multiple interviews, Starfleet Internal Affairs decided that Lieutenant Silveira’s actions, while unlawful, had minor influence in the destruction of the USS Resolution.”

As a result of the findings, Nicholotti will decide on any additional disciplinary action for Silveira.

Starfleet Command has reassigned the Resolution’s crew to the USS Excalibur, which will take over the Resolution’s mission in the Borderlands.

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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