Crew of USS Juneau confront inner demons in perilous nebula

Crew of USS Juneau confront inner demons in perilous nebula

AAVARO WILDS — During a stake-out mission to capture pirates, the USS Juneau (NX-99801) took cover in the Dirty Elbow nebula, where mind-altering subspace micro-distortions ripped through the ship.

The Juneau’s crew recently mediated a peace treaty between the Zik and the Cagnal. After receiving several priceless artifacts and gifts in gratitude, including a peculiar Cagnal flute, Captain Oddas Aria took the ship into the Dirty Elbow nebula to apprehend marauders who had allegedly been raiding cargo ships. Upon their arrival, however, another enemy awaited them, as strange apparitions of past loved ones and rivals revealed themselves to the entire crew.

Dangerous hallucinations swept through the decks, and although the visions were not real, the crew’s reactions to them were.

“We abandoned engineering after ghostly visions of Borg and giant spiders ran rampant,” said warp field specialist Ens. Mikhail Kerensky.

As chaos abounded, science officer Ens. Essa found himself drawn to the Cagnal flute and played a song he had never heard before, the sound of which intermitted the hallucinations. Lt. Cmdrs. Kalia Qinn and Karise Indobri experienced the flute’s mysterious calming effect firsthand.

The crew discovered that subspace micro-distortions within the nebula were traveling through the ship and triggering reactions in the brain. These micro-distortions were the cause of the crew’s serious hallucinations.

“The frequency of the [Cagnal flute’s] music had a sobering influence on the mind that nullified the effects of the micro-distortions,” said lab assistant Lt. JG Leandro Gibson.

Armed with these discoveries, Oddas and Qinn devised a plan to banish the visions that plagued the crew. Cmdr. Alexander Williams, Lt. JG Vitor Tito, and Ens. Tomas Falt used a metaphasic shield to block a small area in engineering. With the effects of the micro-distortions canceled there, Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea, Lt. JG Isabelle Deveaux, and Ens. Trovek Arys stabilized the rest of the ship, and Lt. John Kendrick assisted in restoring shipwide communications.

From there, Qinn used the transporter and shield harmonics to broadcast the flute’s healing properties throughout the entire ship, and freed the crew of the nightmarish hallucinations once and for all.

“The ship is now back to normal function,” said Kerensky, “and the crew is relieved to have vanquished the mental temptations and tribulations.”

Written by T’Lea

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