Crew of the Thor takes leave following exhaustion

Crew of the Thor takes leave following exhaustion


CARDASSIA PRIME – While Starfleet Command debriefs Fleet Captain Aron Kells and First Officer Geoffrey Teller regarding the events surrounding their last mission, the thoroughly exhausted crew of the USS Thor has dispersed widely in their pursuit of rest & relaxation.

For Ensign Anton Richards, who recently completed their first mission aboard the Thor, relaxation took the form of an action-packed holonovel based on an ancient type of entertainment software.

Speaking while limping his way to sickbay with what he described as ‘dragon-related injuries’, Richards was unwilling to confirm or deny his involvement or that of other crew members in this entertaining pursuit. Richards did, however, give the name of his upcoming holonovel, “Dragon Bites,” and claimed it would take a ‘chomp out of the competition.’

Marine Captain Wes Greaves is heading up a possible homicide investigation aboard ship. Details are limited at this time as the investigation is ongoing, but at least one officer aboard the Thor has died under “suspicious circumstances.”

“I told them a thousand times, the torpedo autoloader alignment was off and they weren’t going to get their shore leave until they fix it,” Greaves explained, when he was asked to comment on the investigation. “Look, I really don’t have time for this. I’ve got my best people on it right now and we’re going to get to the bottom of this one way or another. ”

The crew is looking ahead to their next mission, rejoined by ships helmsman Lt. Cmdr. Ben Garcia, unexpectedly returned from an extended leave.

Persistent rumours suggest the Thor has been chosen by Starfleet Command to take part in a major tactical exercise near the Chin’Toka system but before that, a large number of Fleet Command officers are expected aboard the Thor to celebrate the promotion of Fleet Captain Aron Kells to the rank of Commodore.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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