Crew of the Chin’toka successfully negotiates the site of a Federation settlement in the Par’tha Expanse

Crew of the Chin’toka successfully negotiates the site of a Federation settlement in the Par’tha Expanse

PAR’THA EXPANSE — The Federation just finished fruitful negotiations with representatives from the different Houses of the Par’tha Expanse. They will now set up a new colony in the Shemsh system, which is part of the neutral Oscion sector.

The system’s impartiality is essential, as some members have expressed concerns about excessive profit.

The negotiations, convened at the request of Capt. Mei’konda Delano of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187), turned heated when House Tadere’s envoy, Jasjeet Samra, accused the Federation of meddling. Mei’konda denied this, prompting Samra to admit that the Shemsh colony’s ideas would ease many of her worries. This appeared to alleviate a lot of strain, and they quickly struck an agreement.

“This would be an excellent location for a new branch,” LtCmdr. Chythar Skyfire, an officer on the Chin’toka and the owner of the ship’s Brew Continuum business, stated. “There are limitless options for locally inspired teas or coffees for a colony-wide business. Not to mention the numerous species found in the Partha Expanse.”

Meanwhile, the Rettaani ship RTT Titan has been successfully assisted by the Chin’toka. LtCmdr. Lael Rosek and LtCmdr. Toryn Raga tackled a fire on board, displaying tremendous bravery by holding open a blast door while officers rescued trapped crewmen and extinguished the fire. The reason for the incident is still being investigated, and updates will follow.

Mei’konda granted the crew three days of leave aboard Oscion, following the conclusion of the negotiations. They are currently on their way to the Expanse to meet Federation ships. These spacecraft will begin scouting the area of the new colony and begin terraforming activities.

The FNS will keep track of these developments as they occur, including updates on the status of the establishing colony.


Written by Serala

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