Constitution undergoes extensive repairs while crew enjoys shore leave

Constitution undergoes extensive repairs while crew enjoys shore leave

STARBASE 104 — The state of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) when it arrived at the starbase following an encounter with the Orion Syndicate shocked the base’s maintenance and repair staff.

The ship arrived without a warp nacelle, as well as a few additional unsightly ornamental holes and rips in its hull, towed by the Galactic Starship Service.

“My heart broke at the sight,” cried a junior engineer, his eyes welling up with tears. “How can they do such a thing to a lady like that?” But we shall bring her back to life and restore her beauty.”

The starbase engineers quickly began major repairs, taking advantage of the chance to install more modifications and launch new ship facilities. The plans include upgrading many departments, including Medical, Tactical, and Science — led by Lieutenant Lazarus Davis in order to become renowned as a top-tier research posting — as well as including additional R&R possibilities, such as a Spa and a teahouse for relaxation.

While both crews labour around the clock to make the plans a reality, a portion of the crew goes on shore leave to recover.

Senior Commander Nugra and Ensign So’Mior headed to Vulcan to heal, while others, like Lieutenant Commanders Atan T’Seva, Commander Saveron, and Chief Petty Officer Shedet, went for personal reasons. While other officials, such as Lieutenant Jacob Horne, his engineers, and the OPS department, pledged to assist the repair and upgrade efforts and continued to work as part of their rehabilitation.

It was revealed that Commodore Jalana Rajel herself had scheduled R&R time with her staff with an old-fashioned ‘ladies night out.’ When asked about the mission’s consequences, Rajel stated, “Though we have much to recover from, we remain — much like the Constitution herself – undefeated.”


Written by Lazarus Davis / Jalana Rajel

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