Chin’toka to rendezvous with the convoy for a new Federation colony

Chin’toka to rendezvous with the convoy for a new Federation colony

FEDERATION SPACE — The USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) arrived in Federation space after several days of journey to meet the convoy fleet heading for the Par’tha Expanse to commence colonisation activities.

After departing the Jenatris Cloud of the Par’tha Expanse, the Chin’toka was observed passing Midway Station by Starfleet warships. As we previously mentioned, the crew of the Chin’toka has finished negotiations to create a new colony in the Par’tha Expanse, and they are currently on their way to meet the convoy that will kick off those efforts.

The crew took advantage of some much-needed leisure time as the Akira-class spaceship rocketed through space.

In true Mei’konda manner, the Captain took advantage of the friendly environment and gathered a crew to present some well-deserved medals to his officers for their achievements in the previous discussions.

“I feel privileeged to serve with everyone in thiis room,” the Captain told his officers.

Among the ribbons given out were two new ones: the Par’tha Expanse Colonization Ribbon, which was given to the whole crew, and the Starfleet Investigative Ribbon, which was presented to those who assisted in the rescue of the injured freighter, RTT Titan, which we previously reported on.

While some officers engaged in a convivial card game, others began wedding preparations. Some squad members called distant family members, and some officers even went rock climbing. Several couples took advantage of the opportunity to spend more time with their significant others, including a very unusual visit by Cmdr. Evan Delano, Commanding Officer of the USS Diligent and Mei’konda Delano’s husband.

In the sickbay, strange problems happened. The staff despatched a team to find them and figure out what was wrong with them. This turned out to be a surprise birthday celebration for Doctor Chythar Skyfire, the fiancé of the ship’s Mission Specialist, LtCmdr. Lael Rosek.

Meanwhile, the convoy might transport new fighters and shuttles to replace some of the Chin’toka’s old auxiliary ships. However, the reports could not be corroborated.

Over 8000 settlers and professionals are dispersed across five ships in the Par’tha Expanse Colonization Fleet. They have the hard task of constructing a completely new town on the M-class planet chosen to serve as the new colony’s location in the Shemsh system. The Chin’toka, along with the heavy cruiser Yanktonai and the light cruiser Diligent, will accompany this Fleet.


Written by Serala

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