Chin’toka officers promoted and awarded while pirates abound on holodeck

Chin’toka officers promoted and awarded while pirates abound on holodeck

DEEP SPACE 26 — Following a successful first contact mission, the crew of USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) received many awards for their efforts and enjoyed some well-deserved relaxation time.

The highlight was a comet-watching party, where Captain Mei’konda held an impromptu awards ceremony.

“We all joined Starfleet to explore,” Mei’konda said. “Sometimes, it is necessary to defend. You all lived up to these ideals. And tonight seems a good night to recognize this crew for it.”

Four officers received promotions: First Officer Serala to Commander; and Asst. Chief Engineer Lephi, Asst. Chief Medical Officer Elizabeth Snow, and science officer Noa T’Nessa Levinson to Lieutenant. In addition to the increases in rank, Lephi, Snow, and Levinson all became the chiefs of their respective departments.

Mei’konda awarded the entire crew the Explorer’s Ribbon, the First Contact Ribbon, and the Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal for defending the people of Eladar IV against the piracy of a Caraadian warship. Several officers received individual accolades, namely the Distinguished Service Ribbon (Serala, LtCmdr. Toryn Raga, and LtCmdr. Lael Rosek), the Lifesaving Ribbon (Snow and Ens. Freki Azorius), the Good Conduct Ribbon (LtCmdr. Cadfael Peters), and the Silver Star (Levinson and Snow).

Mei’konda also announced changes in the ship’s command structure, namely the integration of the Strategic Operational Response (SOR) team into tactical and security under the leadership of Second Officer Raga.

Prior to their arrival at Deep Space 26, most of Chin’toka’s crew also took part in a holodeck adventure as pirates of the high seas aboard The Red Kraken, captained by the fearsome “Cap’n Rosek” and her best mate Maddi Rosek, with LtCmdr. Esa Kiax as “Commodore” of His Majesty’s Ship Victory in pursuit.


Written by Serala

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