Body swaps plague Arrow crew during diplomatic overtures

Body swaps plague Arrow crew during diplomatic overtures

GENTII – Following a successful promotion ceremony and accompanying celebration, the Arrow set off to the planet of the Gentii, where, to the surprise of none, an unexpected occurrence threw the mission into jeopardy.

”What? It’s me. Am I dreaming?” summed up the ship’s Chief of Security, LtCmdr. Artinus Serinus, upon finding that he was no longer in his own body.

Trade relations with the neutral worlds of the Alpha Isles has long been a focus of the diplomatic branches of both Starfleet and the Federation. The USS Arrow, being one of the starships assigned to the region, had been tasked with making diplomatic overtures to the Gentii; a secretive, highly intelligent and organized civilization whose world was situated upon a natural trade route.

In light of recent, chaotic and violent patrols in the Isles, most of the crew was looking forward to a straightforward diplomatic mission as they entered orbit above the planet and established contact with the Gentii. Following rigorous, and esoteric, opening overtures, an unidentified probe began sending powerful sensor beams towards the ship. Shortly after this, the entire crew was knocked unconscious, and when they awoke, the majority of the senior staff found themselves inexplicably transplanted into the wrong bodies.

Beyond the conventional shock and surprise, the exchange in bodies introduced physical, as well as psychological, problems. Mission specialist LtJG Charlotte DeBarres and Engineer LtJG Hayley Caden were forced to contend with the sudden presence and absence of empathic abilities respectively. Captain Randal Shayne, switched with helm officer Lt. Chloe Waters, found significant difficulties in adapting to his new stature and technologically assisted speech.

The situation worsened as the crew was forced to put forward an illusion of normality in order to continue the negotiations. Ill-prepared officers took to command roles as the plans for the delegation proceeded in shambles. The delegation has not claimed responsibility for the shift, but there are certain indications that they might be behind the changes.

More as this story develops.


Written by Charlotte DeBarres

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