Inspiration to write your award nominations with these great examples

Inspiration to write your award nominations with these great examples

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for Awards! Great nominations for your crewmates and drum beats from across the fleet show your appreciation for a job well done. Inspiring sims coming from inspiring people, and to that end, we want to help you get the best out of your nominations to fuel that raging inferno of energy and enthusiasm.

Below are some of the best nominations we had during last year’s ceremony that stoked that fire for a win.

Ready to get started? Click here to open the award nomination panel. You’ll find full instructions, including a link to a list of all the awards and their descriptions.



Neelix Award Nomination for Esa Darkkdust:

“I was speaking with Esa about making a new character to replace Groznin, while I’m on my LOA, and the writer behind the character was super helpful in helping me develop my ideas and refine them into something that made sense. They then offered to help me write a sim in which I introduced the character which has been a big help, I often struggle with developing things so having the help to do it was much appreciated, and enjoyable at the same time, especially when they had their own sims and real-life things to be working on offering to help me was really nice and appreciated.”


Phoenix Award Nomination for Romyana Casparian:

“All departments are great. And all departments have their struggles. Engineering is no different. From the moment Ensign Casparian stepped onboard Starbase 118 Ops, right in the thick of a deadly mission, she has brought her skills and quick thinking to the table. Most engineers are quirky, their own breed so to speak and she is no different. Except that she is so different from her fellow engineers in wonderful ways. Bright and eager, ready to leap into any project or task. Ensign Casparian’s fellow crewmate, Lt Bailey, was in much need of her expertise. An Elaysian, whose crutches, and leg braces did her little favors on away missions or overall mobility. Ensign Casparian jumped around the chance to help right away, even making the crutches Lt Bailey’s favorite color – hot pink. The writer behind Ensign Casparian, Rebecca, is a delight and wears those engineering colors proudly. Right out of the gate, there was excitement, eagerness and confidence in her writing. She jumped right into the plot and has caught on quickly to Ops’s personality and made it her own.“


Voyager Medallion (Operations) Nomination for Jona ch’Ranni:

“Since coming on board the Gorkon, Jona has developed a keen sense of what the ship needs and how to go about it. He sims as the Operations Chief by giving life into the ship, making the mundane details of logistics and operations handling seem interesting, even if he’s doing paperwork. He’s handled the recent in-character demotion of a crewmate brilliantly, welcoming them back into the post of Helm Officer, and has gone out of his way to give ideas on how the two officers can work together in the coming months to bring the Helm Officer back up to scratch. In short, Jona has provided the best operations chief simming in a multitude of circumstances to the best of his ability and kept the morale of everyone on board afloat through arranging holodeck time, making sure duty rosters are up to date, and somehow making all this interesting!“


Sarpeidon Award Nomination for Sky Blake:

“Over the past year, the one person I’ve seen make the most contributions to the wiki and the most dedicated to making the wiki greater is Deliera. Whether that’s leading the charge in the wiki team to make updates to the wiki, ensuring pages are well orderly and maintained, ensuring pages are categorised and given the correct naming convention, or simply doing any one handful of things she does in the background to help our repository of information tick along nicely, Deliera is always doing something for the betterment of the site. I’ve recently worked with her to update the Embassy pages in line for Thor’s launch, and she was meticulous about ensuring everything was ready for them to launch properly. Excellent work and she’s very deserving of this award this year.”


Christopher Pike Pendant Nomination for Oddas Aria:

Nicholas, the writer behind Captain Oddas Aria, has been a creative powerhouse from the start. Perhaps it is his seemingly endless well of ideas, or his energetic encouragement aboard ship, but Nicholas has taken the Eagle, and now the Juneau, beyond what they might have been in lesser hands, and turned them into proud additions to the fleet. Under his guidance, officers have received careful guidance and firm leadership, and have themselves been elevated to positions of authority that would not have been possible without his capable and tireless efforts. Indeed, Nicholas has not only been a steadfast presence IC on the bridge, and OOC behind (and in front of) the scenes, but he has helped revolutionize our fleet with his and Fleet Captain Rahman’s Warp XV advancement fleet-wide plot. Innovation and adaptation are his unmatched strong suits, and under him, crews have flourished and stories have blossomed, relationships have developed and skills have been gained. I am thankful to have had Nicholas as a commanding officer, and I am sure that I am not the only one who feels this way. He helps others to tell their story and keeps the spotlight off himself and his character. He is humble, exceedingly competent and possessed of a fighting spirit. For every hit, problem and issue, Nicholas has the patience to face it and the desire to find the best answer possible. He is a fantastic CO, and I would write with him again in a heartbeat.


Click here to start your award nominations now! Nominations close on Thursday, June 10 at 11:45pm Pacific time.

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