A miniature adventure comes to an end and shore leave begins on Starbase 118 Ops

A miniature adventure comes to an end and shore leave begins on Starbase 118 Ops

STARBASE 118 OPS — The revelation that a reversed polarity electromagnetic surge would likewise negate the effects of the Orb of Perspective caused the afflicted crew and citizens to revert to their original bigger sizes.

“I don’t usually ever feel small, being six foot and things like that,“ commented one of the affected species. “But being shrunk to a couple of inches tall, max, really made me understand what it’s like. I’m never doing that again, thank you very much. Phew!”

Afterwards, the counsellors on the station found themselves busier than normal.

“There was an influx of anxiety issues after our shared orb experience,” Lieutenant JG Ashley Yael explained. “It can be daunting for a single person who is properly prepared, encountering an orb. A large group of people who were caught completely unaware, well… it’s no surprise the counselling offices were packed.”

According to Counsellor Yael, the Bajoran government dispatched a pair of specialists to “assist us in sharpening the specialized tools we required to treat people disturbed by the event.” According to sources, two individuals who suppressed the experience and rejected prophetic instructions were subjected to harsh Orb Shadows. According to Yael, Bajor professionals are directly assisting them in resolving their hallucinations.

Fortunately, for the most part, the experience has not resulted in significant consequences, but one patient in Sickbay violently assaulted an attending nurse and had to be sedated.

“I do not believe in magic, or ‘Hocus Pocus,” Combat Medic K’reyah commented when asked about her opinion. “As unexplainable phenomena tend to be labelled as much less safely minimizing a group of one hundred and thirty to barely a few inches tall. Nonetheless, I see that it has had grave consequences on some, so I am therefore forced to suspend belief. By Kahless’ blade may such a thing never happen again.”

Aside from those and other small occurrences, life at the Starbase resumed normalcy. After engineers were unable to identify any physical faults with the array, Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell handled the reports reporting certain communication difficulties.

“I was asked by Lieutenant Commander DeVeau to take a look,” Blackwell explained. “Based on the scope of the issue, I’m more concerned with it getting worse if it’s not addressed, more than anything dangerous. That said, sometimes diagnostics just can’t compare with an old-fashioned hands-on approach.”

While the majority of the crew stayed on Ops, neither Commodore Sal Taybrim nor his first officer, DeVeau, were seen. Some assume that the two are on a mission, but no one knows what or where they are going. More information will be provided when it becomes available.


Written by Alora DeVeau

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