USS Juneau Fully Commissioned, Investigates Unusual Comet

USS Juneau Fully Commissioned, Investigates Unusual Comet

AAVARO WILDS — With the transfer to the newly commissioned USS Juneau (NX-99801) completed, Captain Oddas Aria and her crew investigate an unusual comet in the Uiliv System.
“There is a great deal of preparation that goes into a transfer like this,” explained Ensign Sanjay Ferdinand of the ship’s engineering department. “The crew of the Eagle supplemented incoming staff from nearly a dozen different vessels across the fleet.”
Shore leave activities included a camping and training session, led by security officer Lieutenant Artinus Serinus, helped make sure that relevant skills stayed fresh. More bureaucratic issues, including the reassignment of numerous officers, proceeded slowly and steadily. Among these issues was the recombination of the security and tactical departments into a single section; similarly, the topic of who would lead this new unified department, out of three eminently qualified candidates. Following these events, an awards ceremony saw the recognition of many officers for their actions during the Ringworld mission.
The Juneau’s recent experiences as part of Project Capstone helped to prepare her for missions outside the bounds to which Starfleet has previously explored, allowing investigations into the curious readings emanating from the Uiliv System, and more specifically, the comet heading toward one of her larger planets.
Preliminary long-range scans of the area indicated that the comet itself has released an unusual energy signature consistent with Eichner radiation emissions. Eichner radiation, itself a byproduct of certain highly dangerous chemical compounds such as trilithium, is rare; however, its deleterious effects on living tissue is well catalogued.
While the nature of the Juneau’s mission is rooted in exploration, past experience with Eichner radiation, as a power emanation for the hostile alien species known as the People, has raised concerns from those aboard.
Caution is advised as the Juneau continues her approach.
Written by Randal Shayne

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