USS Eagle Investigates Nivian Ring, Assaulted By Alien Species

USS Eagle Investigates Nivian Ring, Assaulted By Alien Species

AAVARO WILDS —In the pursuit of knowledge with which to repair the critically damaged stellar structure known colloquially as a Nivian Ring, the Federation starship Eagle sustained an attack.
“I bumped my head,” stated Ensign Ferentis, while rubbing his lizard-like cranium at the recollection. “Fortunately, my bones are exceptionally fortified. I’d say the bulkhead got the rawer deal.”
The Nivian Ring seemed full of surprises. Due to the staggering nature of the concentric rings surrounding a previously unmapped star, its destruction could have serious consequences for the Federation presence in the region. With this in mind, an attempt to restore normal function to the rings began, but the discovery of a pre-bronze civilization added a significant snare into the mission. 
Disguised as locals, an away team led by Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne, and supplemented by Commander Ash MacKenna, Lieutenant Serinus, and Ensigns Levinson and Strong, mapped out the region. 
Discoveries scattered about the landscape lead to the inexorable conclusion that previous contact with warp-capable civilizations had taken place- literally; they found an Oberth-class warp nacelle in the minutes preceding the away team’s disembarkation, inexplicably welded into the ground by some unknown process. Posing as scholarly students from another land, the away team gathered information from the native civilization, leading to records of the civilization reaching back to the beginning of its collective consciousness.
Meanwhile, far above the rings, the approach of a hostile unknown alien ship placed the Eagle in a difficult situation, later determined to belong to a race known as the Acen. The Acen took a highly territorial stance, leading to Captain Oddas Aria losing patience with their boisterous and aggressive display, beaming the captain of the Acen ship directly to her ready room and joining them in negotiations.
While these tense, impromptu negotiations began, the bridge crew faced a new threat; the appearance of an ancient Klingon warship, aligned for impact on a constant bearing with the Federation vessel. Only by utilizing shuttlecraft to avert the impact was a tragedy avoided, but the situation is far from resolved.
Written by Randal Shayne

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