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USS Constitution-B Assigned to Secure Trade Agreement

ZELTION IV — The crew of the USS Constitution-B travelled to Zeltion IV hoping to secure a highly sought after the trade agreement.

After enjoying a ship wide Halloween party, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) were quickly thrust into their next mission. Following a meeting between the Constitution’s command staff and their resident Federation Trade and Economic Bureau representatives, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel called the rest of the senior staff to the observation room for a briefing.

Quick introductions soon gave way to an explanation of the representatives’ mission. The Constitution was being sent to Zeltion IV, a Class-J gas giant, hoping to secure a trade deal with one of the mining operations situated there. The gas harvested from the planet is suspected to be a unique catalyst with a variety of potential uses.

When asked why this mission was so valuable, Salzaar Valyz, one of the trade representatives who called the Constitution home, replied, “I’m no scientist or engineer, but it seems to react impressively in power generation systems, boosting output significantly for only a small quantity of gas injection.”

With their mission at hand, a portion of the team headed to the shuttlebay to prepare a light craft for the highly volatile gaseous environment. On the bridge, Rajel and Commander Blair divided the crew into two teams. The lead team, led by Rajel herself, was to be the diplomatic arm handling the trade talks themselves. The remaining team’s aim was twofold; to learn as much about the Zeltin people and the process with which they mine the valuable gas as possible.

As the crew diligently saw to their respective tasks, the Constitution arrived at Zeltion IV, joining hundreds of other ships from a myriad of species and governments in orbit of the enormous planet. This mission is ongoing.


Written by Alex Blair

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