USS Atlantis Crew Honored For Rescue Operation On Paldor II

USS Atlantis Crew Honored For Rescue Operation On Paldor II

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Captain Jarred Thoran and the crew of the Federation starship Atlantis are honoured for saving the planet of Paldor II from planet-wide calamity threatening the lives of all.
“Crew of the Atlantis. You came to our aid in our time of need and risked your lives to save our planet. Without your intervention, our planet would have faced certain annihilation.”
With these words, the High Prefect of Paldor II welcomed Thoran and his crew to her residence to honour them for their assistance in averting a planet-wide catastrophe. In a lavish ceremony, they awarded the captain of Atlantis and crew the Order of Merit of House Larokon.
Grand Admiral Dels’an, the new Valcarian ambassador to the region, invited Atlantis to the Tibro system for the Val Teasai fire festival. The invitation makes Atlantis the first Federation vessel invited into Valcarian space, a historic moment for the Atlantis, the Federation and Starfleet’s interests in that region. 
The tenuous nature of the relationship between the Federation and the Valcarians has been a frequent source of instability and consternation. Previous actions, such as attacks on other Starfleet ships suspected of being carried out on Valcarian authority, have made reconciliation and peace a difficult prospect. Despite the violent past shared by the Federation and many Valcarian factions, relations between the two civilisations seem improving.
Underscoring these events was the transition between commanding officers. Thoran assumed authority of the Atlantis several months ago, upon Captain Brell’s reassignment to the Duronis II Embassy. Since then, several promotions and transfers have taken place, including the elevation of Lieutenant Serala, the ship’s strategic officer, to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and transferring Lieutenant David Knight to tactical. 
The crew will attend the upcoming festival in Tibro capital city of Keibrom soon. 
Written by Alexander Williams

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