Suspicious Comet Revealed Missing Starship, Hostile Facility of ‘The People’

Suspicious Comet Revealed Missing Starship, Hostile Facility of ‘The People’

AAVARO WILDS — Upon investigation, the crew of the USS Juneau found a facility of ‘The People’ generating Eichner radiation on an unusual comet in the Uiliv system and an almost abandoned USS Arrow nearby.
With the Prime Directive weighing heavily on the senior staff of the USS Juneau (NX-99801) the ship arrived on the station to look deeper into a comet that had been emanating Eichner radiation. Upon this investigation, the crew found more than one surprise, including the nearly dead remains of a Federation starship last known moored at Starbase 118.
“We expected to find just about anything out there really,” stated Janice Monroe of the Juneau’s science department. “But even then, there are things you really don’t expect to see, like derelict starships no one ever reported missing.”
But that was not the only surprise waiting for the crew on the comet. They set aside the need to let nature take its normal course when they discovered a facility on the comet as the source of unique radiation. An away team entered the facility and immediately confronted by a team of ‘The People’.
Though primitive, the race on the planet’s surface was capable of an attempt to save themselves from the doom they saw in the comet coming at them. They did so by launching a salvo of thermonuclear weapons to push the comet off course. Unbeknownst to them, the missiles targeted the ships and the facility, discovered to be only a ‘People’s’ ship.
In a race against time, the team that had gone to investigate the comet rushed home to the Juneau, half in the shuttlecraft they’d taken and a half in the ‘People’s’ facility, which they had figured out how to fly. The missiles had locked on and nearly overtook them, ultimately destroying the facility and damaging the shuttlecraft.
With the comet pushed off course, and things calming down slightly, the crew took stock of the situation to find themselves light — having given a good number of officers to the salvage operations on the drifting starship — and facing the need to interrogate not only the ‘People’ they had saved from the facility destruction and those discovered on the starship but also an investigation into the near-death of Engineer Wyss.
More information to come as it becomes available  
Written by Chandra Amari

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