Starbase 118 Ops Crew Thwarts Hostage Situation at Starfleet Headquarters Inside Federation Embassy

Starbase 118 Ops Crew Thwarts Hostage Situation at Starfleet Headquarters Inside Federation Embassy

EARTH, SOL SECTOR — Klingon Cultists named, “Children of Molor” and sympathisers have taken hostages to reclaim the old ways of the Empire, notably Ambassador Airwyn Vanath and a Starfleet away team.
As Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim, Lt. Commander Rusty Hael, and Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell took a shuttle to meet two new crew members, Lt. Commander German Galven and Lieutenant Junior Grade Sheila Bailey, at Starfleet Headquarters, they were met with heavy fire from members of the Cult of Molor. Following a quick meet and greet, Klingon cultists made themselves known after hiding inside a cloaked ship trying to heed efforts in sharing information about the cult. 
“I walked outside to attend my Academy classes when I saw Starfleet officers engaged crossfire with an assortment of Klingons,” said Third-Class Cadet Stayk, a Vulcan cadet in his third year studying Intelligence. “The officers acted accordingly and escaped after most of the Klingon party were subdued.” 
Once the captain and the other officers were inside a shuttlepod, Blackwell discovered a stowaway on board had attacked the pilot while they were gone. A Kobeerhian made himself known while attacking the occupants when Galven and Bailey distracted him long enough to tackle the man, but not before shots rang out inside the cabin hitting a gas line, causing a rough landing into the USS Narendra’s shuttlebay. 
Inside Starfleet Headquarters, First Officer Lt. Commander Gigigobo Fairhug and Lieutenant JGs Teryn Vehk, Wallace Williams, Malko, and Dante Termine along with Ensign Karen Stendhal and Marine officer First Lieutenant Daniel Caine escorted Ambassador Airwyn Vanath. An unnamed hysterical Dokkaran crossed their path requesting the Starfleet officers to aid her and her party attacked by terrorists. Both Williams and Vehk accompanied the plant-like species when they found a room full of bloodshed as bodies strewn about the floor. 
Halfway across the planet, the team comprised officers Lt. Commander Arturo Maxwell, Lieutenant Solaris McLaren, and Ensign Alastriona DeTroyes attended a Siberian prison complex to get inside information from ex-Commodore Allen Kinney. A fight broke out, causing several injuries to the officers and Orion Syndicate vigilantes. As Kinney and another tried to escape, they met with McLaren preventing their getaway. 
“If someone threatens to end someone’s life, they forfeit their own,” explained D’Tar, a prison security guards “I have no sympathy for those who try to go out of their way and cause immediate harm to others without batting an eye.”
Bridge crew worked tirelessly to get everyone safely back onto the Ambassador class starship. As news transmitted of a disintegration bomb picked up by sensors, two new junior officers, Ensigns Lincoln White and Kteer, came aboard and helped transport the Embassy away team back to the ship. They beamed aboard with little time to spare as efforts in recovering the away team in Siberia are still underway. 
Written by German Galven

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