Starbase 118 Gains New Allies In Fight Against the Cult of Molor

Starbase 118 Gains New Allies In Fight Against the Cult of Molor

STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 is working to gain allies in its fight to bring the Cult of Molor to justice for its sinister acts.
As the crew of Starbase 118 attempts to gather final details, it works with Councilmen Odex of the Klingon Empire in a joint Federation-Klingon Empire task force to take down the Cult of Molor. As Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell and Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim sift through the communique to gain more information as to the locations and leaders of the Cult, the task force received heightened security to prevent the Cult from striking at the investigators.
Both the Klingon Empire and Starfleet HQ refused to comment on the ongoing investigations.
Lt. Commander German Galven, the Chief Science Officer, was in charge of a team working on a way to counter a gas known as Death Fog. This fog, comprised Silicon Plantichloride gases, is toxic to most species but is much more deadly against Klingons. They discovered highly illegal stockpiles of the gas on Zeta Iomis. The solution appears to be an advanced robotics system with filtration systems, and with a demonstration by one of the civilian scientists onboard Operations, Dr Taelon, a former Starfleet officer, Councillor Odex was convinced of the effectiveness of the solution.
While many could not talk to FNS, one officer said on the cult, off the record, “There are two kinds of Cult Members — Klingons who have been hurt by the Empire, buy into the cult’s rhetoric of pain and brotherhood; and ones who only want to see the Klingon Empire burn.”
A team sent off the Starbase captured an ex-officer, Sarah Lawrens, overcoming many difficulties, including mind-altered thugs under the command of Nacien Rixx, a known mastermind of the Orion Syndicate.
Piloting the freighter MTF Maximum Thrusters, Lieutenant Malko rescued Lieutenant Commander McLaren, who had come to the aid of the first officer, Lieutenant Commander Nijil, pinned down by the thugs. In the ensuing firefight, McLaren rescued the team by disarming a disruptor set to overload.
However, the investigators found the Orion Syndicate operative was on Earth the day of the attempt to recover the ex-officer.
Written by Rustyy Hael

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