Quarantine Protocols In Effect After A Mysterious Sickness Falls Over Tibro

Quarantine Protocols In Effect After A Mysterious Sickness Falls Over Tibro

TIBRO — With a deadly outbreak ravaging the capital of Keibrom, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) begin the desperate search for a cure and their missing Captain.
The situation on Tibro quickly escalated, as the virus continued to spread, infecting most of the Starfleet officers in the areas in which the symptoms had exhibited themselves. In the flurry of confusion, Dr Stevok was murdered by a Valcarian citizen under the influence of the virus. The location of the prisoner is unknown.
Meanwhile, concerns rose as the location of the Cmdr. Thoran, along with his team, were unknown with no contact. Rumours suggest the Valcarians sent an unknown force to the Kaleth Woods region of Tibro; however sources cannot confirm if this is true. The Valcarian government refused to comment on the matter. A civilian affirmed the shuttle was last seen heading for Kaleth Woods, but the reasoning is unknown and whispers of containment are spreading.
“Something is going on that we don’t know about,” explained Linor Qiradas, the civilian who sighted the shuttlecraft. “If it continues, it could harm not only us but the delicate balance here.”
After reuniting with the medical team, the remaining crew planned and began a desperate effort to find a cure to the virus. Lieutenants Hyden, Kiliak Jo, and David Knight were tasked to head back to an archaeological site where they believed the virus had originated. While Lt. Cmdr. Toryn Raga, Lt. Trelixxa Maeli, and Marine Cpt. Kurt Logan went to look for Thoran and the unaccounted for crew members after picking up an emergency beacon from Marine Cpt. Amuro McKnight.
Following a life-saving effort by Hyden — rescuing Lieutenant Esa Kiax from a cardiac arrest — Kiax, along with the medical staff Lt. Cmdr. Anath G’Renn and Lt. Ishkabella Journs, remained at the medical centre to keep the patient in a stable condition while waiting to receive communication from Kiliak’s team.
The team at the dig site stumbled upon an ancient Chon facility and activated a Chon AI, who provided them with a clue what could be the cause. After speaking with the doctors, they discovered the virus released into the air through Cadmium from paint. Initial testing confirmed that it was not a virus but heavy metal poisoning because of the Cadmium.
The medical team from the Atlantis began efforts to develop a cure.
According to reports from vessels trying to enter the Tibro system, an unknown task force has blockaded the planet. Warp signatures appear to be Romulan, however, this is unsubstantiated at this time. When asked, Starfleet refused to comment, as did the Romulan Star Empire.
Written by Maddi Hyden

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