Poll of the Week: Nothing Says Sharp Like a Dress Code

Poll of the Week: Nothing Says Sharp Like a Dress Code

Like all military organisations, wearing a uniform shows who you represent, develops a sense of commonality, solidarity and equality. It makes the person wearing it instantly recognisable, stand out in a crowd, distinguish themselves for the service they provide, and has an impact on others, especially those within the Star Trek universe. The same uniform is worn by everyone from the Captain down to the Crewman, the only differences being the pips on the collar and the colour to denote the department.
There are some cultural influences on Starfleet uniforms we’ve seen over the years, including the addition of Worf’s baldric, Nog’s headdress, and Kira’s Bajoran earrings. Either symbolic of their family or their religion, and culturally appropriate for them. We’ll not talk about Troi and her casual attire…
Colours and uniforms have changed through the run of Star Trek, showing the changes in style and function throughout the years, and how Starfleet adjusted for them. While we were used to seeing the department colour taking up the dominant part of the uniform, during the Dominion War, this left Command Officers at risk, so it was reduced to just the collar, the rest of the uniform black and grey. 
Each of the series of Star Trek has introduced the viewer to a new uniform, in one way or another. Looking back through the racks and wardrobes of the costume department, some are favourites, and some can be confined to the charity bin of history.
This week, we want to know…
Which Starfleet uniform era was your favourite and why?
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