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November 2020 Post Counts

In November 2020 the fleet saw a slight decrease in sims, finishing at 1625 for the month total and 181 average per ship.

Leading the pack, again, was Ops with 268 sims, followed by the Gorkon with 255 sims, the Thor with 208 and the Chin’toka with 185. Just behind the Chin’toka was the Resolution with 184 sims, then the Juneau with 145. After the Juneau were the Arrow with 138 sims, the Constitution with 123, and the Veritas with 119.

The end of the year is always an exciting time in the fleet, and we look forward to seeing all the creative and fun posts put out by the fleet.

Check out some of the highlights of this past month’s simming through our Appreciations forum, where you and your fellow members can nominate sims, great quotes, and other memorable moments for the rest of the fleet to enjoy!