Narendra Forced To Make The Hardest Choices As Morals Are Tested

Narendra Forced To Make The Hardest Choices As Morals Are Tested

ROMULAN NEUTRAL ZONE — The USS Narendra narrowly misses being assimilated by the Borg and leaves with another explosive exit that will leave them with much to think about.
Tensions rose for the crew of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595), as the dangers outside and inside of the ship grew with every passing moment. The Borg Collective from the Nimitz began on the offensive against the rescuers, their first target the MTF Maximum Thrusters. LtCmdr Nijil and his team, Dr. Sheila Bailey and Ensign Talas Beck, their pilot, narrowly missed each attack while simultaneously pulling countless people out of the grasp of the Borg. Some casualties were reported.
Ensign Taelon and his team worked to develop a cryostasis for partially or even fully assimilated personnel to be kept in for the long process of reverting them back. A daunting task, they attempted to save who they could.
FltCpt Sal Taybrim, LtCmdr Alora DeVeau and others on the bridge quickly assessed the situation. The need to shut down the spread of the Borg nanites overpowered the urge to try and salvage both crews and ships. Orders from above had the MTF Maximum Thrusters giving one last big push and a single warning to get their away teams off the ECS Andromeda and clear of the vicinity. They were going to use an antimatter bomb to destroy both ships, which had been loaded up onto another shuttle.
LtCmdr German Galven, who had recently assimilated himself, commandeered his own shuttle and made his way to the Nimitz, against the orders of Taybrim and those who questioned his psychological stability. Such a feeling was strong and felt throughout the crew.
When the antimatter bomb glitched and was unable to be deployed from the shuttle, Galven helped DeVeau drive the bomb manually into the ships. It was another explosive end to the mission, yet much still remained to be done. Nearly completely. Galven faced severe charges as well as the process of de-assimilation.
Work begins on de-assimilating those affected on the Andromeda crew.
Written by Rustyy Hael

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