Get ready for Star Trek in 2020

Get ready for Star Trek in 2020

On September 19, 2017 – 12 years after Enterprise last aired – Star Trek was back on our screens with Discovery. This time we were transported to 2255, 10 years before The Original Series was set. Since then, Star Trek has seen a resurgence in popularity and it looks like 2020 is going to be most exciting year yet!
Not only can we expect the third season of Star Trek: Discovery, but we are being treated to not one, but two more new shows!
Here is what we know so far:
(Spoilers ahead; caution is advised.)

Star Trek: Picard

The return of one of the most iconic figures in Star Trek – Jean Luc Picard!
Following the destruction of Romulus, he has retired to his family’s vineyard, away from Starfleet. Or so he thinks. Star Trek: Picard will see several Trek alumni join the cast, including Riker, Data and Seven of Nine, along with a host of new friends and foes. Picard will be premiering on January 23 on CBS All Access and January 24 on Amazon Prime Video.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3

The season 2 finale of Discovery saw the crew warped into the future, nine centuries ahead of the established Star Trek timeline. So far, CBS has remained tight lipped on when the third season will air, although there is speculation it will be airing around April 2020. It looks like for now we will just have to be patient and wait to find out what adventures await Burnham, Saru, Tilly and the crew of the Discovery in the future.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Animated image of a Star Trek crew
2020 will also be the second time there will be a Star Trek animated series. This series will follow the daily lives of those crew members who aren’t at the forefront of the action. They’re just trying to do their job, with comedy ensuing as they try to keep the ship running smoothly. A date has not yet be released for when Star Trek: Lower Decks will premiere.
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