Crew Of USS Resolution Disrupt Coup Attempt on Da’al Homeworld

Crew Of USS Resolution Disrupt Coup Attempt on Da’al Homeworld

DA’AL — The crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) disrupted an attempted coup by Da’al officials and an annexation attempt by the Klingon Empire.
The Resolution has dispatched to the Da’al homeworld following a request for assistance from the Da’al government military advisor, Zeneth, citing a potential Klingon invasion. The Da’al, a non-violent warp-capable species, previously refused to establish formal relations with either the Federation or the Klingon Empire, showing their desire to remain independent.
Upon dispatching an away team to the surface to investigate the motives behind the Klingon occupational force, the team discovered Ypartin, the Da’al Prime Minister, requested the Klingon presence, much to the dismay of Zeneth and the leadership council.
The away team learned the Da’al and the Klingons share a common ancestry, and the Klingons sent a force to welcome the Da’al into the Empire. The military advisor attempted to advocate for the continued separation of their peoples and asked for the Federation’s intercession, but when Starfleet tried to mediate the dispute, the Prime Minister moved to assume total control of the government in a worldwide broadcast.
After brief questioning, accidentally broadcast throughout the Da’al homeworld and its outlying colonies, the Prime Minister’s true intentions were revealed and the people met him with immediate protests by the citizens under his jurisdiction. The Da’al immediately placed him under arrest and is currently awaiting trial.
Speculation claims Advisor Zeneth will temporarily act as Prime Minister while the government works to restore its formal leadership structure. Before Starfleet departed, the advisor responded favourably to the idea of establishing peaceful relations with the Federation in due time, much to the satisfaction of the Resolution’s crew.
“It would be very satisfying to welcome them into the Federation,” said Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea, the ship’s Second Officer. “Especially since the Klingons seemed to want to subjugate them so badly.”
The Klingons left the system without incident, and the Resolution will head to Deep Space 224 for shore leave.
Written by Addison MacKenzie

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