Crew of USS Chin’toka Attacked at Tibro During Political Power Struggle

Crew of USS Chin’toka Attacked at Tibro During Political Power Struggle

TIBRO — Amidst apparent growing unrest, USS Chin’toka arrived at Tibro for diplomatic talks which soon turned into diplomatic upheaval.

When the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) previously visited the Valcarian Imperial Republic world of Tibro nearly one year ago, most of the crew of the USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) had been present. That trip had resulted in the crew saving the planet from a biological disaster. This time, the Federation, requested to return for diplomatic talks, found themselves in the middle of a power struggle.

After sending down a diplomatic team headed by Capt. Mei’konda Delano to meet with Grand Adm. Dels’an, and a scientific team to explore some ruins previously discovered, Lt. Cdr. Serala and the remaining bridge crew faced a confrontation from a Valcarian cruiser.

Meanwhile, the diplomatic team became embroiled in a failed assassination attempt of Dels’an, allegedly carried out by rogue elements of the Valcarian military.

“They just turned on us and attacked. No warning, no attempted communication. Just powered their shields and weapons and fired,” said Ens. Patrick Callahan, at the helm during the incident.

The bridge crew could successfully defend against the attack and disabled the warship from attacking them with only minor damage to their shields.

Meanwhile, Mei’konda’s team helped thwart the assassination attempt and is now investigating the scene.

Sources report that during the attack, the team requested an emergency transport, but the ship could not comply. Witnesses report that the team is now investigating the scene.

The scientific team was not without problems of their own, however. Led by Lt. Cdr. Esa Kiax, who had suffered significantly at this site during their previous visit, the team proceeded into the ruins to conduct their studies.

“There could be concealed activators or triggers on the ground.” While traversing the tunnels, Kiax sent the science officers in with a stern warning to proceed cautiously.

Only a mere few metres later, a slight click sounded followed by Lt.JG Noa Levinson’s “That…is not good.”

No word yet as to the outcome.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Serala

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