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Crew of Atlantis Fighting Off Intruders During Battle Exercise

PALDOR SYSTEM — While conducting training exercises in the asteroid belt around the Paldor System, USS Atlantis has been boarded by several intruders.

“Intruder Alert! Breen have boarded the ship. Repeat, we have had contact with a Breen warrior on Deck 13!”

“Contact! We’re taking fire from Romulans now!”

Warnings issued by Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jenta Solana were among many reports indicating the identities of the various intruders that had boarded the ship while it was conducting a battle exercise in the Paldor System’s asteroid belt. In addition to the intruders, the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) was also dealing with numerous vessels engaged in what has been described as wolf-pack tactics.

The crew had departed Deep Space 26 to conduct their first training exercise in quite some time. They had arrived at the asteroid field on the outer rim of the system. Once in place, Cmdr. Jarred Thoran ordered Lt. Esa Kiax, Assistant Operations Officer for the ship, to begin the simulation. Unbeknownst to the crew, Kiax, with Thoran’s approval, had installed holo-emitters throughout the ship and had interfaced the sensor inputs and inertial dampeners to the computer system to help make the simulation more realistic.

Several unidentified ships moved in and began an attack on the Atlantis. Suspecting cloaked vessels, Tactical Officer Lt. David Knight acquired target locks and implemented a program written by ship’s First Officer LtCmdr. Serala during her tenure as the Chief Tactical Officer.

The simulation took a rather unexpected turn for most of the crew as intruders began to make it through the shielding.

“Hyden to Security. Alright, let’s get this situation contained. I want security on all decks.” Chief of Security, Lt. Maddi Hyden, implemented her new security protocols and teams were scrambled from both Security and the Marines. “If something moves the wrong way I want to be notified immediately.”

Some casualties have been reported, including one death, but it was later learned that a subroutine had been included that allow for simulated deaths. Anyone “dying” during the training was beamed to sickbay by the computer where they would remain for the rest of the drill.

The most recent development included a rather vicious explosion on deck 12, which created a situation that led to a warp core breach. Damage Control teams have been dispatched and it remains to be seen whether repairs can be completed in time to prevent the breach.

All of this excitement came on the heels of a small, awards ceremony where several officers received ribbons for their actions in the previous mission: Serala was named ship’s First Officer, Kiax named Assistant Operations Officer, and Lt. Ishkabelle Journs was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer.


Written by Serala

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