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Constitution Crew Enjoys Shore Leave on Marchlands Vacation Planet

ENDAASI — After the promotion of FltCpt. Jalana Rajel to Commodore, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) were left to a period of shore leave on the planet of Endaasi.

Unlike a typical shore leave, the crew were encouraged to invite family and friends, including senior staff from Starbase 118, to join them in some much-needed space.

Endaasi, and its similarly named inhabitants, seemed to be the perfect place for the Constitution’s crew to enjoy time off. The planet, adorned with nearly any recreational activity one could desire, offers many activities for the crew to enjoy spanning many climate zones.

The whole place was summarily wrapped by none other than Rajel herself, “I found out there is a whole vacation planet in the Marchlands. It’s called Endaasi and it has several climate zones and environments like snowy tundra and jungle terrain, even swamps and tropical beaches. And the native inhabitants are famous for their massages. Doesn’t that sound great?”

With so much to offer, the crew took full advantage of it all. From games of mini-golf to intimate dinners with family and crewmates, everyone seemed capable of finding something with which to pass the time and enjoy it, they did. Until such time as the first officer, Cmdr. Alex Blair sent a notice to the senior staff that mandatory team-building exercises would be held.

Upon meeting as a group to begin their compulsory exercises, Blair split the crew into three teams. These teams each had different activities tied to the culture of the Endaasi people; exposing the crew to their cultural beliefs while at the same time becoming a more cohesive group.   


Written by Alex Blair

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