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Constitution Crew Assists in Rescue and Repairs of Mining Colony

XATRAC CITY — After disaster strikes the mining colony of Xatrac City, the crew of the USS Constitution-B step in to help with rescue and repair efforts.

While the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) were visiting the city of Xatrac, a mining colony, to secure a trade deal between the miners and the Federation, disaster struck. A massive creature, known as the Razaar, attacked the city’s mining maintenance bay causing never before seen levels of damage and chaos. The crew of the Constitution, led by FltCpt Jalana Rajel, quickly stepped into action, demonstrating the best ideals of Starfleet.
The crew, already split into teams, converged upon the maintenance bay to assess the damage and help the injured. One team, led by Cmdr Alex Blair, was in the maintenance bay when the disaster struck. After tending to their own injured, Blair’s team assessed the damage caused. It did not take long for them to discover the extensive state of structural damage to the colony. They quickly started brainstorming ideas on how best to help the colony and requested more help from the USS Constitution.
Another team, led by Rajel, made short work of getting to the maintenance bay. Once there, Rajel took charge of the Constitution’s rescue efforts and began redirecting the incoming reinforcements on where best to focus their efforts. Tapping into her medical background, Rajel focused on helping the injured while directing her crew.
Meanwhile, back on the Constitution, the remaining crew began making preparations for a contingency plan if the need to evacuate the colony arose by converting a section of the ship to support the miners and their unique physiological needs.


Written by Alex Blair

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