Chin’toka Begins Shakedown Cruise While Heading Back To The Par’tha Expanse

Chin’toka Begins Shakedown Cruise While Heading Back To The Par’tha Expanse

EN ROUTE TO PAR’THA EXPANSE — The USS Chin’toka (NCC-97187) departed from Earth Spacedock two weeks ago on what would be her first shakedown cruise. Now under the command of Capt. Mei’konda Delano, the atmosphere was rather mixed as the ship departed the station.
While the crew was excited to be back in space and on such a great ship, there were some melancholy feelings at the absence of their former Commanding Officer, Capt. Jarred Thoran, who passed away rather suddenly at their commissioning party.
The cause of his death remains under investigation.
Mei’konda has a rather impressive record with Starfleet, having begun his career as a helm officer on the USS Mercury (NCC-99812) and most recently assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652). Observers have reported the crew has received his arrival with gratitude. Already, the Caitian has won the hearts of his crew.
After their departure, the crew began their transit back to the Par’tha Expanse, where they will resume the mission of their former ship, USS Atlantis (NCC-74682). Mostly, the new ship seems to be functioning rather nicely, though the crew have reported though many minor mechanical malfunctions in various systems. LtCmdrs. Toryn Raga and Esa Kiax worked with Lt. JG Lephi from Engineering on some torpedo variance issues, while Deputy SOR Team Leader, Lt. Amuro McKnight, took a brief spacewalk inside the ship when a section of the gravity plating failed on the deck he was traversing.
Perhaps the biggest scare came when Lt.JG Thalas th’Koro did a scan of their destination planet, Tibro, and sensors indicated the planet was now a ball of molten plasma.
Tensions from the experienced crew have risen as the ship nears their destination. The last time the crew visited the Valcarian world, issues arose, with Thoran, Serala and McKnight stranded in a frozen wilderness and hunted by assassins. The remaining crew pursued the cause of an unexplained outbreak amongst the planet’s populace, discovering cadmium powder in the planet’s atmosphere had poisoned the air.
“No way, I’m not beaming down there,” Petty Officer Trurel told our reporter. “You won’t catch me down on that death planet. Thankfully, I’m the transporter chief, so all I’ll be doing is sending our crew down to hopefully not their deaths.”
Starfleet Command has asked the crew to return to the planet for diplomatic talks. At last report, the crew was in Valcarian space and nearing Tibro.
We will bring you more as this story develops.
Written by Serala

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