USS Eagle Confronts And Destroys Pah-Wraith Cult

USS Eagle Confronts And Destroys Pah-Wraith Cult

AAVARO WILDS – While investigating attacks on both Lightside Station and Mithgiln freight, the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) has reportedly destroyed a deserted space station that served as the terrorists’ base.
Upon beaming aboard to find answers, Lieutenant Commander Shayne, Lieutenant’s Hontru and Collins, Master Chief Petty Officer Ness and civilian researcher Sotia Dano found themselves at the mercy of an alien artifact known as an Orb. Symbolic of the Bajoran faith, this Orb — a previously unrecorded device — wreaked havoc with the Eagle crew, causing various symptoms that included extreme irritability, fogginess and pain.
Meanwhile, the Eagle itself came under attack by several Cardassian warships, each controlled by the cult. Contending with them proved a challenge, but the small Intrepid class prevailed.
During these engagements, an attempted “conversion” of the crew took place  — prolonged exposure to the Orb which would, supposedly, cause them to join the leader of the cult, a Cardassian by the name of Jabt, declared MIA by the Cardassian government. The away team resisted, and thanks to the help of an unexpected ally on the station, effected an escape.
Records made of the losses suffered by the Eagle’s crew during this engagement number. Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova, wounded by the original terrorist bombing on Lightside Station, insisted on returning to duty despite her depleted state. Amid the crisis, Lieutenant Commander Pavlova suffered a catastrophic complication to her already depleted condition, and was shortly thereafter declared dead.
Special mention includes Master Chief Petty Officer Ness, who boarded the station with the rest of the away team, charged with protecting all parties involved. In a demonstration of the utmost gallantry, Ness stepped in the path of a disruptor beam set to kill. Without his intervention, others would have lost their lives.
“We lost our lead officer and lead enlisted on the same damned mission,” explained security crewman Fern stiffly. “No, I don’t want to sit down for an interview,”.
Funeral services are to be arranged upon the Eagle’s return to Starbase 821.
Written by Randal Shayne

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