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USS Constitution-B Senior Staff Experience Starfleet Academy Dreamscape

STARBASE 104 – Having found some of the senior staff unresponsive in their quarters, the remaining officers of the USS Constitution-B struggle to figure out what’s going on and how to resolve it.

Docked at Starbase 104 the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) prepared for an eminent departure. As with any planned departure from a Starbase, the Constitution’s crew busied with final preparations until just before the scheduled time to leave, a portion of the ship’s senior staff were discovered unresponsive inside their quarters.

After an investigation, with the help of the ship’s holographic hair stylist, the senior staff was found to be alive, but in a deep unconscious state. As teams led by Lieutenant JG Jacob Horne and Ensign Ravenna Carter branched off to figure out what had happened, the theories on what had occurred abounded. Everything from some kind of link with Starfleet Academy, to an attack by unknown species of alien, were considered with no concrete evidence to prove any of it. One member of the crew theorized a tie to a similar attack in Klingon territory.

“Right… we’re at Starfleet Academy,” said Lieutenant JG Lystra, surrounded by a group of officers in the Constitution’s main sickbay as she and Lieutenant Nalni awoke in complete confusion. “Why do you all keep asking inane questions? Stars, why is everyone acting so strange?”

As clarity began to return to the two officers who had been asleep, the knowledge that they had been in some kind of shared dreamscape of the Academy came to light. Unknown who or what was causing this, the crew focused their attention on figuring out more with Nalni even offering to attempt a reentry into it as a way of finding answers.

When that attempt failed, the crew continued their search with Horne’s team in the engineering lab working on a way to block communications on a quantum level, while others continued their search into the similar situation with the Klingons. The crew had a stroke of luck when Lieutenant Commander Atan T’Seva awoke with a little more memory of what had been happening in the Academy dreamscape.

Hopeful that this would be the avenue to provide their answers, First Lieutenant T’Aven offered to help sort out the memories through the use of a mind meld.


Written by Alex Blair

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