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USS Atlantis starts looking for the vanished Starbase 26

JENATRIS CLOUD — The USS Atlantis has left the impromptu flotilla of ships gathering after the sudden disappearance of Starbase 26 in order to find out what happened to the station, and if possible, recover it.

In this process, the Atlantis has dispatched four away teams to various Chon outposts rendered detectable by increased and sudden com traffic between them. This may be key to recovering the station and the people onboard it when it disappeared.

Before the departure, there was a gathering at the Astral Paradise for the senior staff of the Atlantis, and several guests from the Romulan Empire. Several officers have been rewarded for their outstanding work in the past few months. The man with the most medals on his chest was without a doubt Mission Specialist Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga who was rescued from imprisonment after saving Captain Brell several months ago.

With Raga’s return, the Atlantis family was complete again. Especially since former medical officer, Lieutenant Femi Cattan was present as well to witness the promotion of her spouse Alexander Williams to Commander.

The promotions, ribbons and medals were not the only things worth mentioning or celebrating. The newly-promoted officers Lieutenant Junior  Grade Esa Darkkdust and Lieutenant Maddi Hyden have decided to get married as well, making a well needed morale boost after months of misfortune and frustration.


Written by Alexander Williams

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