USS Atlantis Crew Lands On Paldor II Following Large Rescue Operation

USS Atlantis Crew Lands On Paldor II Following Large Rescue Operation

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Following the resolution of a grave threat to both Deep Space 26 and the planet Paldor II, the Federation Starship Atlantis began establishing a relief center on the surface.
Despite a considerable race against time, the crew of the Atlantis (NCC 74682) saved the station and the staff that remained aboard. What began as a simple towing operation quickly grew into a fight for control of the station. Thanks to the Atlantis’ marine contingent under the command of Marine Captain. Amuro McKnight, the Starfleet crew regained control of engineering and other key facilities from rogue elements of the Valcarian military attempting to commandeer Deep Space 26.
A statement from the Valcarian Imperial Republic was released, denouncing those Valcarians involved in the assault on the station and reassuring the public that they will hold a full inquiry regarding the incident.
“Call it a sneaking suspicion, but I’ve got the feeling that they will sweep this under the rug over there,” confided an unidentified lieutenant aboard the Atlantis, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
 With the station once again under Starfleet control, an engineering team under the command of Lieutenant Esa Kiax moved the station away from the planet and into orbit around a nearby moon.
Although life onboard the station and Paldor II are returning to normal, it will take considerable time before the station and planetary facilities will return to fully operational status.
To increase the speed of the recovery, Commander Thoran has dispatched Atlantis’ Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Valin Dermont, to the station. The rest of the crew are headed down to the surface.
With the Atlantis acting as headquarters for the relief operations, planetary authorities granted the Atlantis permission to land on the surface, near Delphrai, the planetary capital. High Prefect Arielle Rolus, Governor of the Paldor System, has thanked the Atlantis and her crew for the help they provided by inviting them to an evening ball. This event is expected to be held at the governor’s personal residence.
 Unconfirmed reports circulate that the Atlantis’ Chief Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Serala is under investigation for unspecified actions performed while on the station.
When asked to comment, sources close to the investigation declined. 
Written by Alexander Williams

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