Unknown alien vessel abducts Captain Brell from USS Atlantis

Unknown alien vessel abducts Captain Brell from USS Atlantis

JENATRIS CLOUD – An unknown alien vessel abducted the commanding officer of the USS Atlantis, firing on the ship to halt active pursuit.
The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) left Deep Space 26 to search for a possible alien outpost in or near the edge of the Jenaris cloud. While searching they suddenly encountered a strange object on their path.
At first, it seemed to be an asteroid but when it suddenly changed course Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams decided to take a closer look to make sure there was no last minute surprise before entering the nearby cloud. When contact was made the phenomenon looked like an asteroid but when it suddenly scanned Atlantis and took its captain, Williams and the rest of the crew knew they were in trouble.
With the captain missing, a plan was set in motion to get him back. Not a single soul on Atlantis was spared in the search. While medical and science personnel looked for ways to find lifeforms on the asteroid. Tactical and intelligence officers started to look for the captain onboard the ship and found a possible impostor and signs of sabotage.
As if that wasn’t enough, the alien ship cloaked and fired four torpedoes at Atlantis, crippling her ability to follow it when it attempted to take the captain away. Somehow, that plan was averted as the moment the ship wanted to leave the captain was suddenly back on the bridge. Still unconscious but alive. How this was managed is not yet known.
It is possible that the sudden transfer of the new mission specialist Lieutenant Commander Raga had something to do with it, although his departure was only seconds before the captain appeared.
More details will be made public when we have news. For now, Atlantis is doing its best to find a way home with only one warp nacelle and without its mission specialist who is still onboard the alien ship.
Written by Alexander Williams

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