Starfleet and Gorn relations strengthened after defeat of a common enemy

Starfleet and Gorn relations strengthened after defeat of a common enemy

ISHNAG SYSTEM — With time running out for the crew of Starbase 118 Ops aboard the USS Narendra (NCC-26595), a last-ditch effort to destroy a bioweapon launched by the ruthless Children of Molor, fortunately, proved successful.
Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim took the decision to fire on the modified torpedo, which did consequentially release a negligible amount of the infamous ‘Death Fog’, though it was far from the effect the Children of Molor had desired — a move which would have wiped out all life on the Gorn colony of Ishnag.
With their weapon destroyed and staring at an inevitable defeat, the commanding officer of the leading cult ship — the Qa’yarin — set the outdated bird-of-prey to self-destruct, before escaping by beaming herself to one of the supporting vessels.
An infiltration team, led by Major Gogigobo Fairhug, whose mission was to disable the Qa’yarin from the inside, were transported back to the Narendra just in the nick of time, along with the surviving crew of the cult ship — now being held in the Narendra’s brig.
“Va’on will be hunted by my own house once I deliver my report,” said Lieutenant Janul, an exchange officer from the KDF currently posted to Starbase 118, of the commanding officer of the Qa’yarin. “The cult themselves will most likely be looking to gain answers for her failures.”
Meanwhile, after an especially taxing and stressful mission, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops have been enjoying some downtime on the surface of the planet they helped to save.
With the primary function of being an educational facility for young Gorn, Ishnag offers a view of every day Gorn life that would usually remain unseen by outsiders. Starfleet officers have taken the opportunity to learn more about this still quite a mysterious culture and perhaps surprisingly, the Gorn have welcomed the chance to share their practices by giving tours of their facilities and demonstrations of the Gorn children’s lessons.
“The experience has been truly eye-opening,” Commented Fairhug. “Each child is given the opportunity to choose a path and they are then trained thoroughly so as to achieve their potential. It certainly explains why the Gorn are such formidable warriors, anyone who chooses that path is instructed in the art of war from a very young age.”
As a gesture of appreciation, Administrator Jesseth of Ishnag has given Taybrim use of the Eyes on the Mount Observatory for the post-mission awards ceremony, which is now in full swing.

Despite the hospitality of their hosts, no doubt the crew will be looking forward to the journey home and some further relaxation back on Starbase 118.

Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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