Shuttlecraft Crash Leaves StarBase 118 Ops Crew Stranded on Class P Planet

Shuttlecraft Crash Leaves StarBase 118 Ops Crew Stranded on Class P Planet

AVENDRA V — Fleet Captain Taybrim and several other senior officers face a struggle to survive against the elements after their shuttle crashed following an attack.
With delegations from the Klingon Empire and Gorn Hegemony gathering on the planet of Avendra IV, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops has suffered a severe blow to their hopes of bringing the dangerous cult, known as the Children of Molor, to justice as a shuttle bound for the surface and carrying several senior crew members–including Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim–was attacked by one of the cult’s vessels and sent careening into the neighbouring Avendra V.
“Avendra V is a class P planet,” stated Avendra IV Administrator Jarnath. “The conditions the crew members face will be hostile at best, fatal at worst.”
With temperatures plunging well below minus sixty degrees Celsius and a heavily ionised atmosphere exacerbated by storms, the task of rescuing the downed officers has fallen to newly instated First Officer Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug.
“My last mission as First Officer of the USS Apollo involved an abducted Flag Officer,” lamented the Bardeezan Fairhug. “Now my first mission as First Officer of Starbase 118 Ops has led to yet another stranded on an ice ball with no communications. I’m starting to think I’m cursed!”
Fairhug and those officers still aboard the USS Narendra, joined by Betazoid Ambassador Ariwyn Vananth, in orbit of Avendra V, now find themselves in a race against time and the elements to retrieve their fellow officers, while at the same time, they must work to reassure the delegations on Avendra IV that the presentation of their evidence gathered on the Children of Molor will still go ahead.
To make matters worse, there is a suspicion that a recently discovered malfunction in the forcefield protecting their communications probes is the result of sabotage, suggesting that the very crew of the Narendra has been infiltrated by the Children of Molor.
Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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