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Shore Leave Antics Continue Aboard USS Constitution-B

STARBASE 104 – The crew of the USS Constitution-B have enjoyed an extended period of shore leave while docked at Starbase 104.

Shortly after the promotion ceremony of Captain Jalana Rajel to Fleet Captain, the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) docked at Starbase 104. It had been a while since the Constitution had been in port at the station, and after docking, the crew was released to enjoy shore leave aboard the station.

The station, full of activity and life, as usual, appeared to be a great outlet for the Galaxy-class starship’s crew, and many wasted no time in coming aboard to find activities in which to get involved. From a visit to the promenade’s monthly markets to dining with shipmates, the crew of the Constitution crew have been spotted all over the station.

“It’s always nice when they’re in port!” said Hector Valavoria, one of the proprietors of the Fruits Bowls Café. “The crew always visits the shops and restaurants bringing a much-needed boost to the local economy.”

During one particular evening of ship’s stay in port, a protest started in the Hinji section of the station. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Lieutenants Yito Seja and Edward Spears were arrested while intervening and trying to help calm down the situation. Both were later released to Rajel.

Back onboard the Constitution, Ensign Lazarus Davis hosted a unique art party on the holodeck. With most of the senior staff in attendance, clay sculptures were moulded while copious amounts of alcohol were served. Later, using trickery of the holodeck, these sculptures became musical instruments playing various tunes.


Written by Alex Blair

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