Relations established with Imperial Losarian Commonwealth

Relations established with Imperial Losarian Commonwealth

LOSARIA — As emerging relations take their first steps, the Columbia crew were invited to the Losarian homeworld in appreciation for the timely capture of a Losarian outlaw.
Accepting the invitation from the Losarian Royal Court, the USS Columbia (NCC-85279) arrived at the Losarian homeworld, where the crew were afforded leave to explore the planet.
This event is a huge milestone in the Columbia’s current mission, as it marks the first time they have made contact with a civilization in the Sagittarius Reach. Until recently, the region has remained relatively unexplored due to the proximity of the Galactic Barrier; however late last year, Starfleet Command and the Federation Council changed their stance and have assigned the Columbia to explore the region.
Upon arrival in the system, Capt. Whittaker was invited to The Imperial Palace, where he, along with a small delegation from the Columbia consisting of Ambassador Nicholotti, Lt. Cmdr. Ezo and Lt. Cmdr. Solis, met with the ruler of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth – Queen Enora Glynndor.
The crew have been making the most of the opportunity to explore the planet, with the most notable feature – the planet itself – an ecumenopolis, or planet-wide city. Losaria, or Ehziro V as it is listed on Starfleet Stellar Cartography charts, is a cold M class planet, with the temperature averaging 238°K or -31.15°C.
“Despite being a planet-wide city, Losaria boasts some incredible sights,” explained Shaarra, notable reporter from the FNS permitted to visit the surface as a representative. “These include the Great Kanunnikan Waterfall – an enormous frozen waterfall, the Losarian Museum of Natural History, the Royal Losarian Institute and the Royal Shipyards – which unlike Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards is completely planetside. Other areas of interest include the Elanese Cliffs and the Tripal Resort, which I’ve heard are truly spectacular sights.”
It is hoped that friendly relations can be established with Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, and they will no doubt provide some interesting insights into the Sagittarius Reach.
The visit to Losaria was not the only news from the Columbia. Further solidifying its mission in the region, the Columbia has received two new members; Professor Jev crim Glev, who is the Head of Archeology at Dehner Base and has been seconded to the Columbia, and Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea, a Historian and Archaeological Specialist, formerly of the Duronis II Embassy.
Written by Jarred Thoran

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