Ops Crew Recovers After Trauma Aboard USS Narendra

Ops Crew Recovers After Trauma Aboard USS Narendra

STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops recuperates back at base after a vicious, coordinated attack by operatives from the cult known as ‘The Children of Molor’.
With the disturbing revelation of infiltration of USS Narendra by several members of the Klingon-based cult known as ‘The Children of Molor’, a desperate battle was fought by the officers still on board, which brought the Narendra to the brink of destruction.
After finding themselves stranded on the Class-P planet of Avendra V, Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim and several other senior crew members made their way back to the ship. Remaining behind, First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Gogigobo Fairhug organised the defence of the Narendra from the Bridge.
Fortunately, a rescue team sent by Cmdr. Ishreth Dal on the shuttle Iron Blue joined the team, led by Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Rustyy Hael, but the situation only worsened as a Klingon B’Rel-class vessel de-cloaked off the Narendra’s starboard quarter.
“I honestly thought we were done for,” stated Lieutenant Bryan Fraser. “The infiltrators had taken out our weapons and shields from the inside, we were sitting ducks!”
The quick thinking of several crew members, including some jury-rigging from Ensigns Alastriona DeTroyes and Vlokinth, distraction techniques from Lt. Prudence Blackwell and even some suicidal shuttle flying from Ensign Zel Rohan, prevented the loss of the Narendra with all hands
With shields and weapons back online, the Starfleet crew were once again able to level the playing field and after a brief engagement, the Klingon ship turned tail and ran — albeit with the Iron Blue shuttle the rescue team had arrived in, though thankfully minus its occupants.
Managing to either kill or capture the infiltrators, it fell to those who survived the brutal attack to take stock of what had happened, while limping the badly damaged Narendra back to Starbase 118, escorted by the USS Avalon.
“The level of infiltration of the crew is, of course, extremely worrying,” commented Lt. Cmdr. Fairhug. “So, our first order of business is to review every detail of the incident, to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again.”
After some sorely needed downtime, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops are attending an awards ceremony conjoined with a memorial service to the officers and enlisted personnel killed in this heinous attack.
Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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