Manhunt Begins For Fugitive Starfleet Officers from USS Gorkon

Manhunt Begins For Fugitive Starfleet Officers from USS Gorkon

TYRELLIAN SECTOR — A Federation wide manhunt for escaped prisoners Valesha Sienelis and accomplice Orson Marshall ordered to ensure their timely capture, reportedly fleeing on a stolen prototype shuttlecraft.

A manhunt has been launched to find escaped prisoner Lieutenant JG Valesha Sienelis, and suspected accomplice Lieutenant JG Orson Marshall, both of whom fled from the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) in the early hours of the morning. Physical descriptions of both are attached in the briefing.
Sienelis, a Romulan scientist and Starfleet Officer, is charged with forty-seven counts of murder, treason, and espionage, among other serious indictments. Arrested in Cochtois Lagoon of Deluvia IV by Commander Kotanne of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and confined to the Gorkon’s brig, the accused was held on remand pending transportation back to Earth for trial.
Reportedly, Marshall assaulted Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds in the process, sealing her inside the cell formerly occupied by Sienelis. Escaping out the brig, the two fugitives orchestrated a faked emergency warning in the Primary Shuttlebay and seized the experimental vessel known as the “Unicorn” — the brainchild and culmination of Chief Engineer Tasha MacFarlane’s doctoral thesis effort.
Chief Petty Officer Makkor, recently transferred to the Gorkon from the USS Njörðr, discovered Reynolds confined to the brig. Upon release, the Admiral called for red alert, but the shuttlecraft used in the escape had already fled out of sensor range.
“While investigating the sensor disruptions, we have found traces of what appears to be a modulation of the shield frequency of the… Unicorn,” said Vulcan science officer V’lor. “Our scan cycles were fooled quite efficiently.”
Starfleet Command has issued orders for the apprehension of both Marshall and Sienelis with the utmost haste and expediency. Approached for comment, Kotanne issued a statement under the approval of JAG.
“Ms Sienelis has only confirmed her guilt by her actions; conspiring to assault a highly-decorated Starfleet officer in to flee from a lawful arrest. If you have information about her whereabouts, we urge you to contact your local Federation Security office as soon as you can, so that this dangerous fugitive can be brought to justice.”
Both are to be considered highly dangerous and should not be approached by members of the public. Federation Security and law enforcement authorities are anticipating news concerning their whereabouts and have impressed the urgency for communication of any information as soon as possible.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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