Encounter With Q Reported by Gorkon Crew

Encounter With Q Reported by Gorkon Crew

GIÁNG SINH — In a report laid out by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293), the crew underwent an out of time experience upon their encounter with a Q.
Removed from their timeline shortly after departing Earth, the crew once again repeated the lives of a Maquis cell on board The Skarbek operating in the Demilitarized Zone under Cardassian oppression, captained by Captain Walter Brunsig of the USS Triumphant (NCC-75692).
During the trials, the crew split into teams to recover the crash-landed vessel, the SS Fourcade — a significant communications network relay between the Maquis cells in the DMZ — and investigate a suspected Cardassian outpost on the moon Omicron Noctae IIIa; believed abandoned during the Dominion War.
However, upon closer investigation, the outpost proved to contain not only imprisoned slaves kidnapped from colonies subjected to Cardassian rule or raids, but also a Cardassian processing facility, a fusion generator beneath the crust of the moon, and mentions of a Project Wildfire. Jona ch’Ranni and James Colquhoun joined the fold, providing much required intelligence of the outpost to enable a swift exit.
Dividing into two teams, “Vines” Reynolds, “Fingers” Neathler and “Smuggler” ch’Ranni set off for the surface of the moon to retrieve the Inyat-Khan and begin pulling survivors out from the outpost squalid conditions. Facing off against a platoon of Cardassian Glinns, the team made it back to the shuttle in time to meet with “Staples” Sylvek and “Wigs” Fortune, the Doctor and their Counsellor, bringing in wounded from the Fourcade.
Unable to determine the nature of the project’s origins before being rescued by the crew of the Inyat-Khan, this mystery remains.
Above on the crust of the moon, the team repairing the SS Fourcade — “Sparks” MacFarlane, “Red” Sevo, “Peacock” Xerix, “‘Wheels” Sim and “Mouse” Tereen. under the direction of DJ Caedan Nkai — pulled off the daring feat, fixing the engine, communications arrays and transporters in time to pull refugees from the moon onto the ship. With the vessel repaired to the most extent, the ship would have been able to begin a flight back into Maquis territory for repair, under the command of Nkai and “Elle” Moran.
Despite that, The Skarbek suffered a raid on the Bridge, resulting in the Captain’s abduction alongside remaining crew. Subjected to Cardassian interrogation techniques, the Romulan crew member “Headshot” Sienelis and Brunsig were rescued by the quick actions of “Shades” Reynolds, reportedly a former Starfleet Intelligence Commander, and Arlo Thornton, a recent member of the cell.
It was here where the Q made herself known to each of the teams individually, expressing the observations made of each person before departing, returning the crew back to the moment they disappeared from their intended course as if no time had passed at all. However, the crew have distinct memories and feelings of being Maquis again, this time for a longer stretch than before.
“I don’t know what happened,” explained Petty Officer Christopher Johns, assigned to Operations on the Gorkon. “One minute we’re floating through space, on our way to assist with mundane activities, and the next we’re Maquis again with no recollection of Starfleet life. It’s getting weirder every time, now.”
With the interlude to their journey concluded, albeit with several recommendations on the Counsellor’s desk and mandatory appointments booked in, the crew of the flagship are now assisting with the terra formation of planet Giáng Sinh, due for colonisation in the coming months. 
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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