Ancient ruins discovered by USS Columbia

Ancient ruins discovered by USS Columbia

SAGITTARIUS REACH — Strange happenings have been reported aboard the USS Columbia in the aftermath of uncovering energy readings emanating from a recently discovered planet.

The USS Columbia (NCC-85279) has spent the past few weeks beyond Losarian space investigating a newly discovered class-M world. The planet, which as of writing remains unnamed, was identified by a long-range probe after detecting intermittent energy readings.
“As attentive readers may recall that we previously stated there were reports of ruins on the surface of the planet. We are able to confirm that there were, indeed, ruins located on the surface,” explained Lieutenant Bilfoy Gr’Nart, an archaeologist, who went on to say, “Unsubstantiated reports from the surface team have indicated the presence of an ancient alien starship beneath the surface.”
When asked for a comment on the reports, both Starfleet Command and the Federation Science Council refused to comment, adding fuelling to the speculations.
It is also understood the Columbia suffered a series of malfunctions whilst in orbit, including the loss of power. The cause of the malfunctions has not been revealed, although there are conflicting reports the malfunctions are due to either the Columbia’s proximity to the ruins or the presence of an artefact recovered in the pursuit of the Losarian outlaw Tarius Kaironn.
Whilst only speculations can be made as to the events during the Columbia’s latest mission, confirmation is received of the return of the three officers and several enlisted crewmen from their exchange program with the Royal Court of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth.
“It was a privilege and an honour to serve aboard the Illrith, alongside Commander Ellin Marayn,” explained Commander Jarred Thoran, the senior officer in the exchange. “We were able to learn a great deal from each other, and I’m confident we can continue to foster friendly relations with Losaria.”
When pressed for further comments as to the nature of their mission, Thoran declined to comment.
The secrecy surrounding recent events on the Columbia have led many to speculate what Starfleet’s plans for the region are. The Sagittarius Reach is a region of space located along the Galactic Barrier, an area that until recent years was off limits.
The Columbia also received its newest transfers fresh from the academy. These included Ensigns Gervan Bollore, Tesan Aeryn, Rebecca Owens and K’Nori as engineering, medical, science and helm officers respectively. We wish them well in their careers aboard the Columbia.
Written by Jarred Thoran

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