USS Thor sent to study a newly discovered species of humanoid

USS Thor sent to study a newly discovered species of humanoid

DURONIS II — Two away teams from the USS Thor have been tasked with setting up a duck blind to study a newly discovered sentient species called “Egrot”.

Following the discovering a new sentient alien “Egrot”, the USS Thor has been tasked with observing and studying this strange species.
Led by Major Parker and Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea, two away teams touched down on the Egrot homeworld where they set up a duck blind for observation, with the intent to discover more about this emerging species and see if first contact can be established.
Nevertheless, mysteries and dangers lurked close by. An unknown inhabitant of the planet has been in conflict with the Egrot. Meanwhile, Ensign Wallace Williams detected a foreign moon, laden with radiation, close to the Egrot homeworld. The unusual planetoid seemed to have newly arrived in orbit.
“What I think it means?” said Ensign Wallace Williams. “It means we are on a time crunch, that moon is already spreading its radiation on this planet and if this moon is indeed a… stranger… then the natives are in danger.”
Written by T’Lea

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