USS Thor investigates missing miners while USS Thunder rescues kidnapped Laudeans

USS Thor investigates missing miners while USS Thunder rescues kidnapped Laudeans

DURONIS II — The Duronis II Embassy Task Force split up to tackle multiple critical incidents in the sector, including a rescue of kidnapped Laudeans.

The USS Thor, commanded by Rear Admiral Toni Turner, has filed reports indicating that the Nova Corporation, a mining and ore processing company, cut a number of corners and violated regulations concerning employee safety. The Thor reported that a virus was found on both Hercules Station and the Fortuna outpost on the surface of planet P-995. By the time the Thor’s crew was able to respond, the entire crews of both the space station and the surface installation had been infected.
“Those poor people,” said Chief Marlene Hadler of the Thor’s science department. “The virus turned them into something… something else”.
While the medical records are confidential, reports show that the crew encountered a significant amount of resistance on the planet and space station.
During this time, the crew of the USS Thunder-A, jointly commanded by Commanders Oddas Aria and Brayden Jorey, successfully rescued a number of Laudeans who had been kidnapped by bandits and were bound for slavery.
Intercepting a fleeing, cloaked ship in the Xertis system, the Thunder outmaneuvered the suspect vessel and disabled it with a tachyon grid. The crew boarded the vessel, rescued the hostages, and scuttled the ship.
“No one deserves to end up in that life,” said Ensign Yetal Venor of the Thunder’s security department. “I’m just glad we managed to get to them in time.”
Written by Delan Han

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