USS Blackwell crew recoups following difficulties on Arndall

USS Blackwell crew recoups following difficulties on Arndall

DEEP SPACE 26, PAR’THA EXPANSE – The crew of the USS Blackwell took time to decompress and are recognized for their efforts following the trouble on Arndall.

The crew of the USS Blackwell (NCC-58999) arrived at Deep Space 26 after a long and difficult mission that took the life of one well-known and liked member of the security department. While decompressing, many members of the crew took time to cope with the loss as well as deal with the repercussions of the mission’s difficulties.
Aboard the station, various opportunities presented themselves to the crew, allowing for the chance to get to know other members of the crew better. From gathering for a drink to participating in physical activity, officers were forced to take advantage of all the station had to offer as the Blackwell underwent over a month-long repair.
Fixing the very core structures of the ship that were damaged during a last-ditch effort to save the away teams on Arndall, the Blackwell was nearly completely retrofitted to ensure flight worthiness. Thanks to some helpful coincidences, such as other Andaris Task Force ships being docked at the station, the process didn’t take nearly as long as expected.
Meanwhile, the crew was able to gather on a beautiful beach setting to participate in a ceremony to recognize the members of the crew who had gone above and beyond. Awards were presented and promotions were granted, bringing the crew closer together as they solidified the bonds made in combat not all that long ago.
WIth the Blackwell repaired and ready to go, the crew boarded and set out towards a rogue planet not so far away. With strange readings found that almost but not completely duplicate the readings left by the creatures from Arndall as they fled, Starfleet Command has sent the only Starfleet vessel with experience in dealing with these creatures known only in legend. What they find may define the very future of the quadrant.
Written by Kali Nicholotti

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