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USS Atlantis takes some time off at Starbase 26 and has a change in personnel

PAR’THA EXPANSE – With the USS Atlantis having returned to Deep Space 26 after saving several Korri traders, Starfleet Command has seized the moment to replace several of her long-lasting officers.

Mission Expert Tel-ar and Dr. Lt. Cattan have been sent to the USS Montreal while Ensign Hyden and Stardust are coming in fresh from the academy. With the changes in personnel and rest and recuperation on the program, the crew of Atlantis has spent a lot of time in holodecks and Poseidon’s Bar for breakfast, lunch, and a darts tournament.

Unfortunately, not everyone got to spend their leave the way they wanted. The newly promoted Major Raga had way too much going on in his head and instead of enjoying some peace and quiet he ended up tearing a holodeck apart in an arena fight with the safeties off. A few decks above, Alexander Williams was surprised to see his girlfriend take off without telling him first.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad. With the return of Marine Captain McKnight, who was “glad to be home again,” and his newly-acquired jet fighters, several officers looked forward to taking the ship’s new toys out for a spin, while the engineers were set on taking them completely apart to learn more about its design in the process. On the starbase, several officers ran into things that lay hidden in shadows. The FNS has been unable to confirm the rumors yet, but something shady might be going on involving smuggling of certain ingredients of unknown origin.

With shore leave coming to an end, the crew seems well-rested and ready for a new adventure into the Expanse. Their new mission will take them back to their last location in search for new alien outposts that Starfleet Intelligence believes to be present.

Written by Alexander Williams

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