USS Atlantis sent on rescue mission in the Jenatris Corridor

USS Atlantis sent on rescue mission in the Jenatris Corridor

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis has been dispatched from Deep Space 26 to rescue stranded Korri vessels inside the Jenatris Corridor.
Three years ago, in an effort to establish trade relations with the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, a convoy of Korri freighters left the Par’tha Expanse. The Korri, a race that can easily be compared to the Ferengi, were about to arrive at Deep Space 26 when things went horribly wrong. During their passage through the Jenatris Corridor, one of the ships lost its antimatter containment. One of the four ships made it to the starbase while the other two were lost in the dangerous and mysterious Jenatris Cloud.
Captain Brell, commanding officer of the Atlantis, set up response teams to participate in finding as many survivors as possible. His First Officer, Lt.Cmdr. Williams, will be leading the search for the lost escape pods from the destroyed vessel. Expecting many wounded, he has taken ACMO Doctor Femi Cattan with him and Marine Captain Kurt Logan. They are accompanied by a security officer as well. Hopefully, they can find the missing Korri somewhere within the Corridor.
A second team, led by Captain Brell, has been dispatched to investigate an abandoned Chon Outpost that they came across while searching for survivors. So far, details about the outpost are scarce. It is the Captain’s hope that with intelligence experts like Lt. Danara and Knight, he can find out more.
The third and fourth away teams under the command of Lt. Serala and Lt. Raga are heading for the damaged Korri freighter that is still trapped inside the corridor. Their objective is to get the vessels operational or rescue as many survivors as possible.
Overall, it proves to be a difficult adventure for Captain Brell and his crew, especially with the Atlantis remaining on the edge of the sector. All teams will travel by shuttle while the new helm officer and Commander Tel-ar will hold the fort on Atlantis.
“Let’s just say that I have a great appreciation for a certain youth military fraternity on Earth,” Captain Brell stated. “They have a saying: be prepared.”
Written by Alexander Williams

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