USS Thor heads to Kjenta II, last known location of the NX-02 Columbia

USS Thor heads to Kjenta II, last known location of the NX-02 Columbia

KJENTA II – The crew of the USS Thor has headed to the last known location of the first USS Columbia, lost over 220 years ago, with orders to investigate before the planet becomes uninhabitable.
The crew of the Embassy of Duronis II has been tasked with taking the USS Thor to Kjenta II, a planet known for its crushing gravity, an atmosphere laced with power stopping radiation, and as the final resting place of the NX-class USS Columbia (NX-02). With recent astrometric projections confirming the planet moving closer to its star, rendering it incapable of supporting life, Starfleet Command has ordered the crew to evacuate any remaining artifacts and surviving Columbia materials from the surface of the planet.
Recovery mission planning has been complicated by the sheer lack of power available once away teams touchdown on the surface. Conditions render sensors, transporters, communications, and ship engines unusable several hundred meters into the atmosphere, necessitating the creation of specialized “drop ships” coupled with chemical-powered rockets to raise the away teams from the surface. Chemical and special radiation-shielded batteries have been devised, but their use is limited as their recharge time is long.
The Thor, hoping to cut through the atmospheric interference, has devised a several kilometers long “antenna” measuring only a single electron thick to be lowered from the Thor itself. Coupled with a sensor net made up of carefully placed probes launched into the atmosphere, they hope to get sensor readings from the surface at a minimum and ideally transporters and communications in the event an emergency occurs on the surface.
Rumors abound Kjenta II is a virtual “Fountain of Youth.”
“I heard the radiation in the atmosphere regenerates your body, and you’re young forever!” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Bates.
The member of the command staff approached for confirmation of the situation did not seem amused and suggested the fantasy was “born of too much shore leave” the night before. They had no comment on the suggestion the command staff had been privy to a special briefing from Starfleet Intelligence before the start of the mission.
Written by Oddas Aria

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