Temporal Trouble Proves Costly

Temporal Trouble Proves Costly

STARBASE 118 – A temporal anomaly leaves an officer stranded in the past after an attempt to prevent temporal war.
Starbase 118 fended off a two-pronged attack from the Devidians, a time traveling species interested in revenge against Starfleet. Focusing attacks on the present and twenty years ago during the time of the Kalendra bombing,the Devidians sought to destabilize the quadrant and remove Starbase 118 from history.
In the past, a stranded team of senior officers learned that the Devidians were going to destroy the USS Xanth. Historically the Xanth served as the support and evacuation ship for the senior staff of StarBase 118 and its destruction would murder the entire sector’s command staff. Captain Taybrim’s team commandeered the runabout USS Icarus to reach the USS Xanth before the Devidians could overload her warp core. While Commanders Aitas, Hael, Silveria and Lieutenant Maxwell used the shuttle’s systems to find a way to remove the Devidians from the Xanth, Captain Taybrim took a team of Commanders Trel’lis, West and Lieutenant Kasun to directly prevent a warp core breach on the USS Xanth.
Aboard Starbase 118 in the present, Commander Taelon, Lieutenant McLaren and Ensigns Braddock and Dehnir met with the Devidians, hoping to reach a diplomatic solution and stop the attacks in the past. Through negotiations they were able to convince a faction that believed war would destroy both side to offer assistance. These Devidians gave them the skin of an Ophidian, allowing them to open up a temporary temporal vortex. Newly arrived officers Ensigns O’Conner, Hawkins and Austin joined the team and immediately started working on using the Ophidian’s skin as the basis for a portal generator. With all preparations completed the team from the present contacted the team stranded in the past.
“Time is a horrible thing to work with.” Commented Ensign Zel Rohan, one of the tacticial officers working with Taelon’s team. “Flying ships, shooting phasers, tending injuries? That’s easy. Messing with time? That will get a whole bunch of people killed indiscriminately real quick.”
The team in the present opened the time portal, sending Commander Taelon through to create the return portal. With the Devidians removed from the USS Xanth, and the warp core no longer overloading, the Devidians were first sent away to protect the timeline, then the senior staff evacuated back to the present time. Commander Taelon was the last to evacuate and could not return before the portal closed. His current whereabouts are unknown and the bureau of Temporal Investigations is launching a complete investigation.
Written by Taelon and Sal Taybrim

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