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Starfleet receives distress call from USS Gorkon, crew unresponsive

DEEP SPACE — While en route to its home base in the Tyrellian Sector, the USS Gorkon went off course and is not responding to communications.

A distress signal from the Sovereign-class starship was received by Starfleet Command, indicating that the crew was unconscious, but anonymous sources state that it was interrupted and silenced before a full status report could be transmitted. It is believed that Starfleet has dispatched a vessel to investigate, but no official confirmation has been provided.

“There was… sound,” Lieutenant Caedan Nkai, the sole conscious crew member aboard the Gorkon, could be heard saying in audio logs describing the situation to the EMH. “But not out loud, in my head. And then everyone just started dropping. It’s almost like they’re asleep, but no one will wake up.”

Deep in the Demilitarised Zone, during the heyday of the Maquis…

Schulman Outpost has come under attack by the Cardassians. In a ruthless, salted-earth assault, the entire outpost has been razed in their attempts to eliminate the Maquis cell based in the small colony. Outnumbered on the ground and in the air, the Maquis vessel known as the Skarbek escaped only by performing a dangerous, in-atmosphere jump to warp, after ensuring the safe evacuation of the civilian population.

Insider speculation is that the Cardassians’ primary goal was the successful capture of a Starfleet intelligence officer currently held captive aboard the Skarbek. Commander Quinn Reynolds was recently kidnapped from a Starfleet vessel in a daring guerilla raid, and is believed to possess knowledge both sensitive and potentially damaging to the Cardassian Union. The exact nature of this information, and how the Maquis plan to acquire and use it, is currently unknown.

Written by Quinn Reynolds

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