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Starfleet dispatches rescue vessel to aid USS Gorkon

DEEP SPACE — Still unresponsive to all attempts at communication, the USS Gorkon is now the subject of a Starfleet rescue mission.

After veering off course, the USS Gorkon has remained stubbornly unresponsive to all attempts at communication. Starfleet has not confirmed any reason for the situation, but have dispatched a rescue vessel to investigate and render assistance.

“It is now in the best interest of Starfleet Command to investigate the nature of the unresponsive vessel,” Admiral Ashi T’Jiia commented during an internal update to all necessary parties. “Orders are to proceed with caution and secure the flagship with considerable speed.”

Insiders at Starfleet Command have unofficially revealed that internal ship surveillance shows that the crew are an unconscious, and a neurogenic field encompasses the ship, under the control of an unknown group of individuals who have secured key areas of the vessel.

Deep in the Demilitarised Zone, during the heyday of the Maquis…

Following a daring escape from a Cardassian assault on their planetary home base, the crew of the Skarbek are taking stock of their current situation and making plans for their next move. Multiple attempts have been made at interrogating their Starfleet prisoner for the information she holds, though none have been successful. After one individual went against standing orders and attempted to coerce the captive using violence, the prisoner was discovered unconscious and quickly transported to the Skarbek’s wanting sickbay for treatment.

However, as the rest of the crew go about their lives, there is a growing sense that something isn’t right in their world. Medical equipment shows strange results, implying that the crew are sleepwalking, strange dreams and hallucinations of a life in Starfleet grow increasingly common, and people find themselves unable to justify actions and plans that until now they considered reasonable and practical.

Written by Quinn Reynolds

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